vROPS for Horizon v6.2.1 – Configuring the cluster

Following on from Part One, where we walked through deploying the OVA for vRealize for View 6.2.1.  This post will concentrate on configuring the vAPP for first time use.

First of all open a web browser and navigate to the vAPP by using the IP address.  If the vAPP has been deployed correctly you will seen the start screen

Click New Installation.  Expand existing installation will be covered in a later post.

Review the installation procedure and click Next

Select whether to use the certificate included with vRealize Operations Manager or to install one of your own.

To use your own certificate, click Browse, locate the certificate file, and click Open to load the file in the Certificate Information text box. Review the information detected from your certificate to verify that it meets the requirements for vRealize Operations Manager.

Give your Cluster a node a name, e.g vROPS-Master and add your NTP server IP addresses.

Click Finish

You will then be presented with the vROPs console. after you click Start, you will be prompted to ensure you have deployed all you cluster nodes.  Data or remote collector nodes should be deployed before starting vROPS.  For more information on designing your vROPS infrastructure please refer to the following link.  https://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=2130551

The calculator at the bottom under attachments is really useful.

Anyway, if you are happy you have all your nodes deployed them click the button to Start vRealize Operations Manager.  The cluster may take 15-30 minutes to start.

Once the cluster has started you will be redirected to the UI login page. Login with your admin credentials.

Click next on the Welcome screen and accept the EULA

If you have your license key enter it now, leave it in evaluation mode, you should get 60 days out of the box.

On the next screen choose whether you want to enable the customer service program and then on the final screen select Finish.

Congratulations you have configured the vApp, now lets configure the Horizon Adapter.


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