VMware Identity Manager 2.7 and Access Point – user unable to login

* Update 25/11/16 – with version 2.7.1 and above of Access Point you can use the same version for all flavours of access.

I came across a problem recently whereby users were unable to login to VMware Identity Manager 2.7 via Access Point 2.7.  The portal worked fine internally but when users tried to enter their credentials externally the user saw the loading icon but got no further and eventually the login attempt to vIDM timed out after about 10 minutes.

After some troubleshooting and discussion with colleagues i decided to redeploy using Access Point 2.6 and the powershell scripts posted by Mark Benson on the VMTN boards.


Altogether a great deployment guide and the redeployment of AP 2.6 fixed the issue.  I used the reverse-proxy script and incorporated the .pem certificates.

There are some known issues with AP 2.7 and vIDM 2.7.

To clarify on best practises for VMware Access Point deployment scenarios:

Access Point 2.5 – Horizon

Access Point 2.6 – VMware Identity Manager

Access Point 2.7 – Airwatch Tunnel

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