VMware User Environment Manager (UEM) Self Support Tool

VMware User Environment Manager Self-Support Tool is an optional component to allow users to manage and restore their configuration settings on an environment setting or application.  It’s all about empowering the user to fix profile related problems quickly by leveraging the UEM backup archives and hopefully reducing unnecessary support calls.

To enable the feature be sure it has been selected when installing FlexEngine on your endpoints, it is included in the typical installation but can be disabled in custom options.

To refresh on the installation process refer to:

Step 2 – Deploying User Environment Manager 9

You can also toggle the feature in the UEM ADMX templates.  By default the setting is ‘Not Configured’ and is therefore enabled but can be turned off here:

Lets run through a basic example scenario

In a previous blog post I used Paint and the View settings as an example.  I enabled all the View features in Paint (inc rulers, gridlines and status bar).

Lets imagine a user has disabled these view features and is unsure how to re-enable these Views.  They may decide to use the Self Support Tool to restore the application settings to the previous backup.

The user must be logged onto a desktop with the Self Support Tool feature enabled in the FlexEngine and open up the Self Support app from their desktop shortcut.

The user will then be required to run through the Wizard to:

  • Choose the application or settings of which you want to restore or reset.   Reset will reset all the application settings back to the original state, Restore allows you to pick from a point in time.
  • Choose the day to restore from – this refers to the ‘Number of backups per profile archive’ setting that is configurable in the UEM admx templates, default is 3 days and the backups and taken every 24 hours or the setting in UEM Manager (see notes).
  • Confirm the restore
  • Close the application or manage settings for another application

In this example I have restored the application settings of Paint to the previous day,  you will notice when I re-launch paint I have all my Views restored.


  • You can customize the Self-Support logo by uploading a.png file called Flex+ Self-Support.png to the VMware User Environment Manager Self-Support installation folder
  • Reset to Defaults
    • When using a mandatory profile as a base profile, no further configuration is required to support resetting to the default settings.
    • When using a local or roaming profile as a base profile, one of the following configuration settings must be applied for each application you manage with User Environment Manager to support resetting to the default settings:
      • Use the Profile Cleanup feature to delete the application specific profile information at each logoff.
      • Use the Predefined Settings feature to configure the default settings.
  • You can override the GPO Backup settings per application in UEM Manager.  Select the Application in the Personalisation menu and select the backup tab.


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