VMware User Environment Manager using Horizon Smart Policies

Horizon Smart Policies have been introduced into VMware User Environment Manager 9.0 to be used in conjunction with Horizon 7.

Settings the are configurable include:

  • USB Redirection
  • Printing
  • Clipboard
  • Client Drive Redirection
  • PCoIP Profile

Check out vDelboy’s blog post for a really comprehensive review of the settings and their profiles


Lets look at some real world examples.

Horizon Policies are accessed via the UEM Console in the User Environment tab.

Scenario 1

I have customers whom are interested in disabling features when users are accessing desktops externally.  To achieve this:

  • Create a new Horizon Policy and disable the features in settings.
  • Conditions set Client location is equal to External

Scenario 2

I have customers who would like to set PCoIP profiles based on physical location because of bandwidth limitations, this can be achieved by:

  • Create a new Horizon Policy and set a PCoIP profile based on your location and bandwidth
  • Conditions set Endpoint device starts with <sitename>

To complement all scenarios I also create a triggered task to refresh Horizon Policies on Reconnect.

A really good use case for this would be:

  • User logs onto VDI Desktop on internal LAN and has access to USB Redirection
  • User Disconnects from Desktop
  • User Reconnects to VDI Desktop from home
  • Triggered task is instigated on reconnect and External Horizon Smart Policy is applied
  • User no longer has access to USB redirection

Smart Policies offer the Horizon administrator a very granular and powerful tool for managing their environments.  The scenarios above only showcase a few scenarios and conditions that i’ve found useful.  Check out this VMware blog post for a full round up of the conditions that can be used.



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