vRealize for Horizon Broker Agent – Could not pair with the adapter address

When configuring the vRealize for Horizon Broker Agent in the latest versions 6.2.1 and 6.3 you may receive the following errors during the pairing procedure.

Could not pair with the adapter address

An error has occurred: could not pair with the adapter

Operation Adapter Pairing has FAILED

The is probably due to the firewall ports not being open on your network and/or vRealize appliance. Monitor your firewalls and open up ports that may be blocked on the internal network.  To make the changes on the vRealize appliance.

Login as root to your appliance via the remote console or SSH

If you have never logged into the console as root then the password will be blank and you will asked to change it.

1. Edit the vmware-vcops-firewall.conf file

vi /opt/vmware/etc/vmware-vcops-firewall.conf

i – (to insert)

Add the command: TCPPORTS="$TCPPORTS 3099:3101" after TCPPORTS="$TCPPORTS 3091:3094"

:wq (to save and quit)

q! (quits without saving if you made a mistake)

2. Restart the firewall

/etc/init.d/vmware-vcops-firewall restart

3.  Check the status of the firewall

/etc/init.d/vmware-vcops-firewall status

Re run the pairing from the connection broker.

Happy Days!

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